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Private Collection: Gifts

  • Mii amo Signature Bracelet
    Mii amo Signature Bracelet

    The Mii amo prayer bead bracelet was created exclusively for us by MiaLena Designs. Czech glass sets the stage symbolizing clarity. Labradorite, said to reveal your divine path in life, is joined by amber, moonstone, sandalwood, and turquoise representing courage, new beginnings, good luck and balance. The finishing touch is our sterling silver Mii amo charm which means "Continue one's path, moving forward, or journey". A beautiful token to wear as you continue on your journey from Mii amo.

  • Mii amo Signature Candle or Diffuser
    Mii amo Signature Candle or Diffuser

    Handmade exclusively for Mii amo Spa by Baronessa Cali.  The combination of Lavender and Eucalyptus will send your senses in a glorious spin!  Both Candle and Diffuser are made in the USA and are white with a red seal.  Candle burn time is approximately 55-65 hours.  Diffuser will last approximately 4-6 months.

    Candle 9 oz  $40.00
    Diffuser 8.5 fl oz   $50.00

  • Tea Timers Gift Set
    Tea Timers Gift Set

    A delightful gift for that tea lover you know.  Each beautifully boxed set includes 4 samples of our most popular teas:  White Cloud, Sedona Sun, Desert Passion and Enchanting Journey.  Each tin contains 1-2 oz of tea.

  • Sedona Sun Tea
    Sedona Sun Tea

    A detoxifying blend of whole cranberries, black currants, elderberries and rooibos 'red' tea that's naturally caffeine-free.

    4oz Jar: $15 | 1lb Canister: $60

  • Desert Passion Tea
    Desert Passion Tea

    An energizing blend of Japanese herbs, Siberian ginseng, marigold flowers and passion fruit essence.

    4oz Jar: $15 | 1lb Canister: $60

  • White Cloud Tea
    White Cloud Tea

    Rare white tea leaves laced with sweet toasted coconut and juicy pineapple.

    2oz Jar: $15 | 8oz Canister: $60

  • Two Cup Chrome Tea Press
    Two Cup Chrome Tea Press

    The proper way to make and serve tea when enjoying more than one cup at a time.

  • Tea Infuser Spoon
    Tea Infuser Spoon

    For a quiet moment alone, the ideal way to make a single cup of tea to sip in relaxing comfort.