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  • JuJu Bracelets
    JuJu Bracelets

    Romantic and minimalist, these bracelets are made with genuine minerals that gives certain types of energy to help us navigate our life journey.  One size fits most.

    Prosperity - Faceted Agate
    Guidance - Kyanite
    Inner Peace - Sandalwood
    Protection & Strength - Etched Onyx
    Abundance - Onyx
    Courage - Mani Beads
    Transformation - Black Lava
    Divine Path - Laboradorite
    Clarity - Off White River Stones

  • Mii amo Signature Bracelet
    Mii amo Signature Bracelet

    The Mii amo prayer bead bracelet was created exclusively for us by MiaLena Designs. Czech glass sets the stage symbolizing clarity. Labradorite, said to reveal your divine path in life, is joined by amber, moonstone, sandalwood, and turquoise representing courage, new beginnings, good luck and balance. The finishing touch is our sterling silver Mii amo charm which means "Continue one's path, moving forward, or journey". A beautiful token to wear as you continue on your journey from Mii amo.