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Rosacea - Sensitive Skin

  • Calming Moisturizing Cream
    Calming Moisturizing Cream

    This rich moisturizing cream contains highly specialized ingredients, such as Green Tea Extract, Emu Oil, and Zinc Oxide that combine to provide a smooth, anti-inflammatory effect, calming irritation and reducing redness caused by Rosacea or sensitive skin. 2oz.

  • Sensitive Skin Facial Cream
    Sensitive Skin Facial Cream

    This wonderful, sensitive skin cream is an ideal lightweight moisturizing cream for those with dry, sensitive, oily or youthful skin. It contains a lighter blend of Glycolic Acid and clarifying agents designed to achieve a smooth and even complexion. 2oz

  • Soothing Gel
    Soothing Gel

    The development of Ocaline has resulted in a breakthrough for fighting skin inflammation caused by rosacea, acne, and sensitive skin. Ocaline is a mixture of natural ingredients, anti-oxidants and anti-irritants with complimentary characteristics that inhibit the process of inflammation, enable increased water absorption and improve the resilience of the skin. 2oz.